About me

Hello there! 👋

My name is Ezequiel and I’m a musician and music producer based in Madrid

I’ve been doing music for the past fifteen years. Everything started when my parents bought my first guitar for my 15th birthday. Since then, music took over my entire life. I’ve played in several indie rock bands during my teenage years until one day in 2009 everything changed forever.

Bedroom Pop Type BeatI’m from Buenos Aires and in 2009 I won a free trip to Europe thanks to an online competition organized by a tobacco company (a crazy story which deserves another chapter). That trip was very eye-opening for me and, among a couple of things, I decided I wanted to start recording music

I started with a really precarious setup (just an old black Macbook and a guitar, plugged straight into the computer) and my production and mixing skills were terrible.

I’ve been building my studio and acquiring knowledge on music production and music theory since then. My tracks definitely sound much better than they used to and my studio has improved quite a lot (you can check some pictures on my Instagram).

Apart from being a musician and producer, I’m also a journalist and marketer. I founded the music blog Rocktails, collaborated with big media such as Rolling Stone and been running Global Music Marketing events and initiatives for Red Bull during the past 7 years. Being in the corporate world was great for many years, I’ve done really cool projects -specially with the Red Bull Music Academy- and traveled all around the world.

But despite making a career and achieving what on the paper seems ideal, I never felt 100% fulfilled with the road my life took. There’s nothing that makes me feel more alive and happy than making music, and I was so overwhelmed with my day-time job that I was rarely stepping into the studio.

After thinking a lot about it, some months ago -in the middle of the pandemic- I decided to quit my job and put all my energy into creating music.

I’ve been releasing music as Los Jardines de Bruselas for many years and I will continue to do so. But I realized I also want to help and inspire others to make their own music. And that’s how Easy Kill Beats was born.

My instrumentals are influenced by the music that I love, which is basically Indie Pop, Dream Pop, Indie Rock, Shoegaze, Bedroom Pop, Alternative Hip Hop and even Jazz. My aim is to always create tracks that sound like anything else.

Welcome to my world. Sit back, relax and enjoy the music! 🎧



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